Our Story - Beginning to End

(Oct 2013 - Jan 2018)


Our goal was to provide a place in Brevard County Florida for anyone interested in martial arts or just wanted to be in the best shape of their life. It did not matter is you were just starting out, stopped your journey, or if you were an experienced fighter, we wanted our school to be part of your journey.


We have had amazing individuals stop by our school as students, instructors such as Rob Castellano, Saulo Cald’ron, John Hohmman, Calen Holcomb, Daniel Kovach, and Zack Pettigrew.


A big thank you to 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt Vagner Rocha for giving us the opportunity to represent his lineage here in Brevard County.


We would also like to thank the following guest instructors:

  • Dr. Rhadi Ferguson (2004 Judo Olympian, Strikeforce Veteran), who not only gave us some great seminars, but instilled in us the concept of “pressure”.
  • Spencer Fisher (UFC Veteran) - Thank you for bringing in your experience and stories.
  • Luigi Fioravanti (UFC Veteran) - Thank you for reminding us about tradition & hard work.
  • Juan “Juanaconda” Fernandez (BJJ Black Belt) - Thank you for the knowledge and friendship.


Thank you to the following fight promotions and tournaments:


But most of all a great big “THANK YOU” to our families who stuck with us and encouraged us to live out our dream.


The grind will continue.....